Your Vote Matters Print

Your Vote Matters Print

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As a small business, we rely on the USPS. Every day we greet our postman Justin and hand over our stack of packages. Without him, we wouldn't be able to get our product into your homes expeditiously for an affordable price. We are just one of hundreds of thousands of businesses that NEED the USPS, especially with in-store shopping being so limited these days. Not only do we need the post office for our business, we need it to ensure we have the ability to vote! This election is at jeopardy because of Trump gutting funding for the post office, and false claims regarding mail-in ballot voter fraud. We cannot let this happen. 

Yes, the root of the problem is big and systematic. But there are things we can do:

  • For the love of postage stamps PLEASE PLEASE VOTE. Your vote matters!
  • Defend our democracy and ensure your community can vote on Election Day by signing up to serve as a poll worker. There is a critical shortage and there’s still time to sign up! It takes two minutes, sign up here!
  • Send more mail and buy stamps.
  • Write and call your congressional reps and tell them to hold this administration accountable and support the USPS. (Your reps are paid to care about what you care about!


11" x 17" digitally printed poster, designed by Maret Bondorew of Frog & Toad Press and printed in Providence, RI.